About Us

Middlecreek is a small church in the beautiful landscape of Pennsylvania. People come from as far away as Lehighton, Stroudsburg, Wind Gap, and Palmerton to find a friendly and welcoming family of faith. We are from diverse backgrounds yet have a common faith in Jesus Christ and a hunger for the truth of God’s Word.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is central to all we do at MCC. God’s Word is taught with compassion & without compromise.

Middlecreek is one of the hardest working congregations you will find anywhere. Your help is welcomed and deeply appreciated!

  • The Middlecreek West End Fair presence provides food at affordable prices. We are famous for our “apple dumpling gang” that make and bake them fresh throughout the week. The “bean bake” is a favorite! And the sausage sandwich has been rated #1 at the fair. We enjoy the week of hard work serving people, and especially enjoy praying with those who make needs known to us.
  • Fusion is a family weekend of music, testimony, Bible study, crafts & games. Camping on the hillside, hot meals served out of the pavilion, a pig roast on Saturday evening (mmm! good!).
  • VBS is a part of our summer ministries to families. We desire to provide every opportunity for families to come along with us on our journey of faith. We have some of the craftiest ladies on the planet!
  • MCC men meet for nine months out of the year on Monday evenings for ISI (iron sharpens iron), we take the summer off.
  • The MCC Praise teams meet on Thursday evenings.
  • Kidzstyle worship teaches the Bible to our children while their parents are in worship!