Our Beliefs

God’s Word

Is inspired & inerrant, timeless & relevant truth that we need not apologize for and must not compromise.

One God

Has revealed Himself to us in three distinct persons: God the Father, God the Son & God the Holy Spirit.

God created

All things ex-nihilo (out of nothing) and is sovereign over all creation. God is the author and finisher of  all human life. Life is a gift that is sacred and all of our days are ordained of God before even one of them came into being.

Jesus Christ

Was conceived by the Holy Spirit, was born of Mary, a virgin, was crucified and died upon the cross, was buried, was bodily resurrected and ascended into Heaven; He came from and returned to Heaven’s glory!

All humanity is sinful from birth

And God’s enemies deserving the righteous wrath of Holy God. God is justified in condemning sinful humans to Hell.

Salvation is a free gift

Received by faith in God’s Son, Jesus Christ. Jesus satisfied the righteous requirement of Holy God by offering Himself as the sinless sacrifice for the sin of humanity (He who was without sin became sin for us). We, who were once spiritually dead in our sin, are now spiritually alive by faith in the Person & work of Jesus Christ!

The Holy Spirit

Generates spiritual life through His indwelling all who believe in God’s Son. The Spirit endows every believer with ministry gifts for the edification of (building) Christ’s Church. Through the Spirit’s presence & power the Church continues the ministry of Jesus Christ on Earth to the glory of God, the Father!


Is a covenant relationship between a man and a woman, and the marriage bed should be kept pure. The Church is the bride of Christ, and marriage is to reflect Christ’s love and faithfulness.

Jesus Christ will return

To earth to judge and His return is immanent. Therefore, the Church’s mission of the proclamation of the gospel is paramount and urgent. While we look forward to His coming, we must be going into the world in both word and deed living for His glory!

The ordinances of the Church to be: baptism of believers & communion.